There are nearly 26,000 undergraduate students at UC Berkeley. Up to 25% of the entire undergraduate student body is pre-medicine students, students who are pursuing medical school after completing an undergraduate career at UC Berkeley, and this number is steadily rising. Yet despite the overwhelming size of the premed community at Berkeley, students at Berkeley consider premed advising at Cal weak; and at times, even nonexistent.

Our website aims to properly advertise all resources already available to Cal premed students and to make these resources accessible to everyone. We are not creating a new resource, but organizing existing resources and opportunities and making them easily navigable in our user friendly website. Our website is truly unique in that there is no single website that dedicates its existence to maintain an opportunities and events database catered specifically to premed students.

Several other student organizations we talked to have also thought about creating such a resource in the past, and have voiced a need for one, but none of them actually developed one — specifically because they could not find a way to keep up to date information and opportunities on their website and were intimidated by the scope of the project and the time commitment required in constantly updating the website with new events, positions and organizations. There are countless numbers of blogs, forums, and other websites that are Berkeley specific — but most of them are outdated and it is simply overwhelming to have to sift through thousands of unrelatable posts. Based on our online survey data of 75 UC Berkeley students, 100% of respondents said they would use such a website, and 97% of those surveyed said they would recommend such a resource to others. In response to this overwhelming need, we present you Premed@Berkeley.

Current Officers

Steven Chang
Director of Internal Affairs
Steven is a current second year Molecular Environmental Biology major and Dance and Performance studies minor. He joined PM@B because he wanted to make it easier for other pre-medical students to benefit from a comprehensive resource of opportunities. It’s a serious issue as many opportunities are often unknown since there isn’t a resource that aggregates pre-medical opportunities all into one place. He also loves to enjoy life when he’s not working. He likes to dance, exercise, socialize, and have a good time! 😀

Sujin Byeon
Co-Director of External Affairs
Sujin is originally from Seoul, Korea, and she is a second year studying Molecular and Cellular Biology with a Neurobiology focus. She joined Premed@Berkeley because she first fell in love with the idea behind it: to organize available pre-med opportunities and resources up to date in one place so that students can easily see them. She understands how overwhelming and difficult it is to find the right club and right resources especially at a huge institution like Cal. Sujin also hopes to be able to help out her peers by providing easy access to resources that they may not have known about. She loves photography and doing artsy things. She also loves exploring different food places and cafes, and online shopping! She is also a part of VHIO (Volunteer Health Interpreter Organization) on campus.

Nikita Iyer
Co-Director of External Affairs
Nikita is from Malibu, CA, and she is a second year majoring in MCB and double minoring in Global Poverty and Practice and CalTeach. She joined PM@B because she wanted to help pre-med students at Cal have easier access to the amazing resources UC Berkeley has to offer. During her first year, she remembers finding it difficult to get involved around campus because she didn’t know of all the possibilities she could be a part of on and off campus. Through this organization, she hopes to bridge that gap for other students like herself and become a part of the premed community at Cal. For most of Nikita’s life, she has been a competitive gymnast (15 years)! Now, she is a coach at Golden Bears Gymnastics, teaching young gymnasts to follow in her footsteps. When she isn’t working, she loves to travel, take photos, read, sleep, hang out with friends, and watch Netflix. 🙂