Full Time Paid Medical Fellowship

Looking for full time work?
Apply for the East Bay Medical Fellowship/ Internship for a minimum 1 year FULL TIME position, with the possibility for a second year senior fellow position. This position is available only to graduating seniors and already graduated students. This is the 7th annual year of the fellowship with previous fellows attending the best medical schools in the US.
-4-6 positions will be available- starting summer/fall/winter 2017.
-Paid position with benefits commensurate with experience (ranges from $24,000 to $29,000)
-Medical assisting: See patients and help doctors with patient management in Pinole, CA (10 min from Berkeley)
-Increased clinical responsibility with ability
-Running a clinic from start to finish
-Assist and observe surgery 2nd half of fellowship
-TA a class in global public health at UC Berkeley
-1-2 years in duration of full time work
-Develop management consulting skills, understand the business aspects of medicine, billing and coding, front office operations, insurance plans and the health care system currently in the US, very useful later on as none of this is taught in medical school.
-Participate in international trips for research and humanitarian work. Previous fellows have gone to Mexico, Morocco and Macedonia with expenses paid
-write grants (previous fellows have received 5 grants and have applied for many more)
-Research leading to publications, IRBs, grant submissions
Expected to do research and publish papers but depends on initiative of student and interest in research
-Mentorship by surgeon who has been on 3 medical school admissions committees, is on faculty at 2 institutions, interviews applicants, and can aid in applications and getting into medical school. An ideal gap year before medical school.
-Guidance by the 4 current 2016-2017 fellows who will aid your transition and application to medical school.
-Scholarship to medical school provided based on performance and goals achieved during the fellowship
Typical schedule:
Monday: See and work up patients 730am to until work is finished,
participate in local anesthetic surgery
Tuesday: Surgery day/ research/ light clinic day/ and preparation for clinic- varies week to week 7:30 to 430pm,
Wed/Thurs: See and work up patients 730am to until work is finished come to lectures in Spring, leaving clinic early at 3pm.
Fri: Research day/ clerical work/ lighter clinical day- shorter day
Sat- Intermittent rare saturdays required for post op patient care, rounds, implementation of grants
Send CV, unofficial transcript, and 3 contacts,  to serve as references to sanfranciscoophthalmology@gmail.com by
April 5th, 2017. Answer the following questions in your cover letter:
1) Have you taken the MCAT? If so when? and what was your score? GPA?
2) What prereqs do you have left unfulfilled?
3) When are you applying to medical school? How many years off do you intend to take?
4) Are there any other languages you speak?
5) If you were a singer, who would it be, and why?