Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP)

Jessica Wang, a member of the student organization Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP), had an opportunity to volunteer at the kidney screening event held by the organization on April 8th. Here is what she has to tell us about KDSAP and this event:

“KDSAP is a student-run organization that first started in Harvard. It aims to raise awareness of chronic kidney disease and educate the community on ways to prevent these diseases. What was once a small, somewhat inconspicuous organization grew little by little and eventually reached Berkeley as well.”

“On April 8th, the members of KDSAP provided free kidney screenings for a church community in Cupertino, CA. It was supposed to be the biggest screening held by any KDSAP chapter thus far. In preparation for this screening, I had numerous trainings and lectures, from how to avoid infectious disease transmission when performing tests on patients to how to take off examination gloves the correct way.”

“The screening consisted of blood pressure measurement, blood glucose measurement, BMI measurement and waist-hip ratios, urinalysis, and a physician consultation. We provided forms, both in Chinese and English, for the patients to fill out beforehand so the physicians could understand their health status. The screening went by smoothly; it would not have been possible without the club members, the doctors, and the welcoming church leaders who worked very hard to make this happen. With all this support, we were able to serve more than 100 patients that day.”

“What I got out of this experience is much more than merely knowing how to prick someone’s finger correctly or how to smile through sometimes stressful and exhausting procedures. Through this opportunity, my attitude has changed. I have learned that serving the community means treating them as if we are “washing their feet,” as the founder of this organization Li-Li Hsiao put it. In other words, those who serve the community are below the community in terms of pride and attitude. I saw what it meant to “serve.” I learned that having the ability to serve someone else is truly a blessing and a gift.”

KDSAP members with the church leadersA patient is registering and filling out forms before the screening. One of the KDSAP members is giving a blood glucose testing to a patient.