Cal Career Center

Walk-in Advising:

  • Tuesdays 11am-3pm, 3060 Valley Life Sciences Building (inside IB/MCB advising offices)
  • Thursday 3-4:30pm, 260 Mulford Hall (inside CNR undergraduate advising office)


Department Advising 

  • Molecular and Cell Biology
    MCB general advising page | Peer advising page
    MCB Peer Advising (PAWS)
    contact: | (510) 643-8895
    location: 3060 VLSB
    Peer advisors are junior & senior MCB majors who volunteer their time to complement the UAO advising services by sharing their knowledge of and experience with lower division requirements and upper division classes, experience with student groups on campus, preparation for life beyond the B.A., and use of various campus resources. During the semester, you can visit peer advisors in the MCB UAO (3060 VLSB) or via email or gchat
  • Integrative Biology
    IB general advising page | Peer advising page
    IB Peer Advising
    contact: | (510) 643-1667
    location: 3060 VLSB
    Our Peer Advising Program provides an excellent service to IB students, complementing the advising of the faculty and staff. Our peer advisors – advise undeclared students – help with choosing a track in the major – share firsthand knowledge of course demands – make suggestions on course combinations – provide general information about applying to medical, pre-health professional and graduate schools – are a great resouce for information about many other student experiences
  • Bioengineering
    Bioengineering general advising page | Peer advising page
    Bio Engineering Peer Advising
    contact: | (510) 642-7594
    location: 230 Bechtel Engineering Center
    Sometimes it’s helpful to have an experienced student’s perspective on how to juggle classes, study, manage time, choose the best enrichment opportunities, or how to navigate the waters of a large university like Cal. In cases like this, ESS Peer Advisers are an amazing resource! They can also assist in answering questions like how to drop a class or choose an elective, and can tell you all about life in their particular major, (and COE in general!). ESS Peer Advisers provide general information to engineering undergraduates regarding university and college requirements and procedures. This includes information about registration, deadlines, research and leadership opportunities, student organizations, campus resources and special events. Peer Advisers also meet with prospective students and lead workshops throughout the semester.
  • College of Natural Resources
    CNR general advising page | Peer advising page
    Major Advisors
    Ginnie Sadil | | (510) 642-7895
    Jennifer Halpert | | (510) 642-4249
    Molecular Environmental Biology
    Elizabeth Storer | | (510) 642-1986
    Microbial Biology & Conservation and Resource Studies
    Ricky Vides | | (510) 642-6730
    Nutritional Science and Toxicology
    Nicole Lowy | | (510) 642-2879
    Genetics and Plant Biology
    Jennifer Halpert | | (510) 642-4249
    Undergraduate Advisors have a special role on campus — they are a link between faculty and students and between students and campus. Advisors are your “tour guides” to student services and academic information in departments and across campus. Advisors have access to all the online registration and transcript information that you need. If questions or problems arise, they are trained to assist you in understanding campus policy. All issues discussed between students and Advisors are confidential. You can contact your Advisor about any questions you may have.
    Peer Advisors
    location: 260 Mulford Hall
    The work of peer advisors is integral to the success of their fellow CNR undergraduates. Peer advisors are trained in understanding CNR and university requirements, policies, and procedures, and they help with CNR recruitment and enrichment programs.

Peer Advising

  • Andy the Premed Penguin
    • ​”This is a personal project of mine. I’m am a Cal alum from 2007, who is now in the process of completing medical school at UCSF. Looking back I feel like I was completely lost at Cal, with really poor advising and nobody to go to. I’m hoping this group can be a collection of my thoughts and advice. . . Also, if you message me, please friend me (acquaintance is fine) since FB seems to think the high volume of messages I send to non-friended people is spam and has blocked me. You can also friend or follow me to see what sort of health/medicine/tech stuff I read (and I read a lot). You are also welcome to invite anyone else who is a premed to this group.”​
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